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Technology and Safety

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Provectus, our Smart Robot, scans for Micro-organisms and automatically disinfects the contaminated area. It knows When and Where to Disinfect.

Office Building

Maximizing disinfection by minimizing shadow areas

It is the ability to navigate and move from position to another, thus increasing surfaces’ UVC exposure and minimizing shadow areas, to ensure thorough disinfection in rooms.

Contact-less Service

All our products are operated using a Mobile Application, available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be accessed remotely by staff, or integrated with in-house applications.

Home Control App

 Cost Saving

Autonomy decreases the business’s overhead costs, as minimal supervision of human operators is required for our products. This also reduces risks related to staff safety during the disinfection process.

Safety Sensors

All of our devices are equipped with safety sensors to ensure extremely safe and protected user experience during operation.

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